Brimmer Doane Morrison is the founder of Brimm Archive Wardrobe Research and searches for the best designs and sustainable pieces. The artistic expression can be shown through the moodboards and fashion pieces that are in the Portfolio and Wardrobe sections. Emphasizing the effects of corporate pollution, the clothes attempt to tell a story of forgotten people and places that have been laid to waste by industrialization. Brimmer has also written fashion and design articles for the likes of Tonitruale, Fashion Snoops, Nevermind Magazine, Truss Archive and 713 Mag. Focusing on brand or designer histories, he takes perspectives on sustainability, materials, gender, labor, and economic theories as they pertain to fashion and design. Drawing inspiration from contemporary fashion Brimmer wrote his senior thesis at The College of Wooster on Rei Kawakubo, Japanese grotesque fashion and how Comme des Garçons helped aide Japanese women find Jouissance through fashion subcultures and much more. Theories on fashion terminology, in depth reviews on fashion trends, Brimmer seeks to become one of the most well renowned fashion historians, trend forecasters and wardrobe curators in the world. Reselling genderless fashion, writing fashion history and pursuing his Masters in sustainable fashion, Brimmer enjoys displaying the finer details of vintage clothes through refurbishing, hand dying and painting to give his own take on the pieces for sale. Follow Brimm Archive on social media at Brimm.Archive or Brimm Archive on all platforms. For all inquiries DM on instagram or email at Brimm.Archive@gmail.com .