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  • What is that Smell?

    What is that Smell?

    Although not many people our age wear perfume every day or seem to be that interested in the fragrance industry even when it comes to fashion. Maybe that has to do with people knowing that many perfumes are made for a very cheap price and more than not, just are cash crops for luxury conglomerates. […]

  • Calvin Klein and the Sexy Teen Aesthetic

    Calvin Klein and the Sexy Teen Aesthetic

    Recently in my queer history of the 20th century had final presentations and this is the topic I ended up writing and presenting about. Not all my favorite fashion photography from my research went into my final presentation because I had limited time to say everything, and show every photo I found from Calvin Klein […]

  • The Delicate Touch of René Lalique

    The Delicate Touch of René Lalique

    Rene Lalique’s life changed the landscape of jewelry and fine glass such as perfume bottles at the turn of the 20th century in Europe. Lalique was born in the Marne region of France and after the death of his father, became an apprentice of Louis Aucoc and attended classes at École nationale supérieure des Arts […]