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  • Helmut Lang for Truss Archive

    Helmut Lang for Truss Archive

    Intro: Helmut Lang is an Austrian designer who founded his brand in Paris in 1987. He is an avant garde designer who uses exceptional tailoring and highly technical fibers to create a revolutionarily understated minimal aesthetic. Known in the fashion world as a hard working yet mysterious artist, Lang is responsible for creating a new […]

  • Adidas Samba Summer

    Adidas Samba Summer

    Grace Wales Bonner is a young fashion designer from England with English and Jamaican heritage born in 1990. In 2014 she graduated from Central Saint Martins, receiving both the ’emerging menswear’ designer and L’Oreille Professionelle awards. Since 2020 the young British designer has an ongoing partnership with adidas in which she explores the diehard english […]

  • Creating Kawaii and Lolita Culture: CUTiE and Olive Magazines

    Creating Kawaii and Lolita Culture: CUTiE and Olive Magazines

    For the young creatives in Japan in the 1980’s there were two magazines that directly influenced the styling and fashion culture, CUTiE and Olive. Olive Magazine Olive magazine embodied the French schoolgirl aesthetic. The “olive girl” watched French films, had picnics with her friends and idealized pre-World War Two boarding school interests and pastimes. Covers […]

  • Aya Takano’s Superflat in the West

    Aya Takano’s Superflat in the West

    ‘Superflat’ artists like Takashi Murakami are well-known, with collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Supreme and Comme des Garcons just to name a few. The fashion world has been obsessed with Murakami’s contemporary aesthetics since the late 1990’s. Objectively, Murakami’s art has been massively influential in fashion and contemporary art. ‘Superflat’ is a concept that aesthetically comes […]

  • Put some Respect on my Breeches

    Put some Respect on my Breeches

    Material Culture and Display in Renaissance Italy In renaissance Italy over fourteen different sumptuary laws were put into effect from 1550-1650 in Florence and 8 different time in Sienna.[1] These laws were to limit the amount of luxury and spending people could spend on rich textiles like velvet and silk. Fashion overall was changed by […]

  • Independent Study: Grotesque Cultural Exchange; A Study of Japanese Fashion History

    Independent Study: Grotesque Cultural Exchange; A Study of Japanese Fashion History

    Abstract: Focusing first on the importance of Rei Kawakubo in developing her own essays on abjection through her business, Comme des Garcons, was how French fashion gatekeepers allowed an outsider, in. Not simply because of the mystical designs that participated in Japonisme/orientalism, but because she purposefully created a new material identity through cultural capitalism. By […]

  • My Phat Headphones

    My Phat Headphones

    Walking back and forth from class to class, or just around the corner to my friend’s house you can see me wearing massive over ear headphones. As a style choice I prefer these large headphones because of the imposing nature that they naturally have. The basic colors of most headphones matched with the digital tumbler […]

  • What is that Smell?

    What is that Smell?

    Although not many people our age wear perfume every day or seem to be that interested in the fragrance industry even when it comes to fashion. Maybe that has to do with people knowing that many perfumes are made for a very cheap price and more than not, just are cash crops for luxury conglomerates. […]

  • Winter Trends 2022

    Winter Trends 2022

    This winter classics are coming back with subversive undertones. Transitioning into a digital world, all the while trying to stand out when we do go out into public has shifted the whole fashion industry. Many of us are trying more natural methods of living and dressing, but at the same time wanting to act out […]

  • Calvin Klein and the Sexy Teen Aesthetic

    Calvin Klein and the Sexy Teen Aesthetic

    Recently in my queer history of the 20th century had final presentations and this is the topic I ended up writing and presenting about. Not all my favorite fashion photography from my research went into my final presentation because I had limited time to say everything, and show every photo I found from Calvin Klein […]

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