Brimm Archive Radio Show

Brimm Archive Radio Show

A new segment to this blog and my cultural research

Brimm Archive Radio Show will be Thursdays at 11 am (ET). The show is featured on IHeartRadio on my college’s station WOO91, so to tune in look up WOO91 on IHeartRadio.

The program looks at various shows how they create a conversation with the world around us. Asking questions like, what are the gender roles in the show? Why do they go and fight their wars? How does the economy play a part ? What are the overall pop-culture influences? What is the mood associated with the show? And so on.. Along with this I will find music that accompanies the themes and play them.

In the future I hope to find better recording equipment and technology so that the program runs smoother and without external noises like you will hear in the first episode.

Episode One: Neo Yokio, featuring my friend Oli, @liljibby on Instagram. Themes include cultural capital affecting thoughts about the fashion industry. Find the playlist on my Spotify

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