Baggy Pants for 2021

Baggy Pants for 2021

Me in Blue Mountain Jeans, Doc Marten 1461 Alts, purple long sleeve, tweed Jacket, scarf and pearls

These pants are a selection of pants that I either already own or want to own based off of my own style or styles that I wish I could have. To be honest I know not everyone has big stacks of money laying around so most of these pieces will not be on the pricey side and one can usually find them on eBay or another secondhand service for a good price. With most of the pants of this list, you will see that superior build quality and versatility is key to how you should think about pants. Buying second hand even looks better in some cases, not to mention that it is environmentally conscious to buy second hand or used. Whether it be cargo pants or baggy fits, a solid pair of pants to complete the perfect fit are hard to come by. Cargo pants, pleated pants and baggy are in and are not going anywhere soon. Since the boom of skateboard culture inspired streetwear, baggy and non-body-conforming, comfortable clothes have become the go to for an impeccable fit. Of course, there has been a resurgence of bootcut and flared pants and my Pinterest boards are full of them, but they are hard to find inaccessible to many body types in my opinion. The reason I love baggy clothes is that it makes me feel so powerful and beautiful. Every baggy pant is a statement pant in the sense that no matter what top or shoes you are wearing; these pants can display an attitude and a strength that other pants cannot. While that sounds silly and tik tok men’s fashion is clowned for being just “big pant, little shirt, mid shoes” There is something to say for a strong stance and cut of a baggy pant on some basic sneakers with a tank top. This exact combination of pieces is always comfortable, looks clean and you look pretty cool regardless, big man on da block energy.          

Especially if you are just getting into fashion, don’t know where to start, a good pair of pants can really put together an outfit. The background of why I have chosen these five pairs of pants is fairly simple. I grew up in Bellingham, Washington where grunge, northwest gorpcore and athleisure are the dominant fashion scenes. So, wearing baggy pants that had a dual function of hiking or working outside and looking good when I was out with friends was really important. I also go to a liberal arts college, The College of Wooster, where the main fashion scene is preppy, but you can find people who dress with amazing prints and expression of color. Comment below if you want to hear more about my journey as a history major and my life as it coincides with fashion! Nonetheless, there are various pairs of pants that match different aesthetics that I typically use. In this list you will find that most of the pants are somehow work related or have a history in some kind of labor-intensive job, with the exception of my pleated pants of course. Those have been a staple in my personal style for years because of my funny obsession with dressing preppy for school. By making this list I do not want to retract from the history of the clothing but simply open the threshold for those to see differences in looks you might already want to achieve. All these baggy pants can be fitted with pretty much anything and are my personal favorites that I have in my closet.  

1: FFS US Forest service cargo pants

Why I adore these pants so much and put them at the top of the list is because they are made out of a fire-resistant material called Aramid, a synthetic fabric that is based on Kevlar. These pants are made for fighting forest fires and can resist heat up to 500 degrees without melting. Not only do I think that is hot (haha) to have, it also means that the pants were made to last some of the harshest conditions imaginable to they won’t break easily. They come in a forest green color, have massive pockets and straps to tighten the waist if you don’t have a belt. The pants do have two-inch belt loops if you do prefer a belt. Overall, they sit perfectly on hiking boots, chunky Doc Martens, or any Air Force or Jordan silhouette shoe. I personally have Veja V-10s that are all white that I love to wear with these pants. I picked up a pair of these at a thrift store in Bellingham for about twenty dollars, but you can find them on eBay or Forest service websites for forty to sixty dollars depending on the condition.

2: Carhart Double Knee Front Pants

These have been blowing up all over the fashion community and on Instagram. Typically, with different wears, paint splatters and rips these are pants that look excellent pre-worn. A tip on buying these is make sure the seller isn’t selling you a totally worn-out pair for more than they are worth. You can buy these new for fifty dollars, which come very stiff and rigid as they are meant to protect your body, but just make sure the pants aren’t too worked in when you buy them. I would suggest these to really anyone who wants to step up their fit pics to an Instagram worthy level. Although these are overdone on Instagram, they will not go out of style simply because of the sturdy build and love that these pants can receive and still look amazing. Basically, put any chunky shoe under them and a boxy fitting top on and you have yourself an outfit. Look, I know that the 2020/21 Instagram influencers all have these already and have already burnt out the trend, but trust me, between the different colors these come in and the versatility they have, they have a long life ahead of them.  

3: Blue Mountain Jeans

Of all the jeans that I have tried on and no matter how many times I have tried Levi’s that everyone gets hyped about, these are my go-to baggy jeans. They are the cheapest pair on this list coming in at fifteen dollars. You might be thinking that that is too good to be true but let me tell you. These are farm work jeans, they have a huge belt loop, sturdy but soft denim, and two massive front pockets. When you style them up you do not look like you just came back from hanging out with your chickens, instead, you get a gentle J cut jean that lays down on boots, sneakers… anything really, even loafers. That is why you need a pair of these. Pop on an oversized jacket, maybe a tank top, a mesh top or a simple graphic tee and you can set out confidently about your day that you are comfortable and stylish at the same time.

4: Lands’ End Pleated Chino Pants

For the preppy side of this list, I included these because they can be worn as dress pants or more casual pants for a day out on the town perhaps. Most pleated chinos are very similar, as well as have a similar price point of around forty dollars. These are not so much working pants, but I love the product put out by Lands’ End because it does have more sturdiness than other brands like Gap, Eddie Bauer, Brooks Brothers, Tommy Hilfiger or even Ralph Lauren. Even though I like those brands, their products have seen better years as far as build quality goes. These pants are paired well with loafers, dress shoes or a classic sneaker. Because the pleated pant is so basic it lends itself to a plethora of outfits that can be made around them. Pleated pants have been a staple of fashion for a long time and although your fits won’t be groundbreaking, they are always there for you and comfortable just like the Blue Mountain Jeans.

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